Service & Care Agreement last update 8/30/19

 Item Preparation and Drop off/Pick up

  • Each item should be marked so it can be identified by both of us, tags can be dropped off or mailed to you

  • Service request form may be used for more than one item, and more than one item per bag is fine

  • Items don't need to be pre-washed or pre-cleaned, if you choose to please make sure they are dry before bagging

  • If it has fill it is considered a blanket

  • Repairs should be noted by customer if possible, and will be quoted if total is more than $25

  • Express items should be clearly marked or turnaround time may not be met

  • Please let us know if there has been difficulty with water repellant on your item in the past

  • Items that are odorous or moldy beyond typical use or storage may be charged at 1.5x the item price

  • We'd love to have you drop off & pick up at the shop, we're happy to make arrangements to come to you

Payment, sales Tax, and storage

  • Services are subject to sales tax, if tax exempt please provide documentation

  • Payment is by cash or good check is preferred, PayPal or Credit Card may incur up to a 3% feef

  • Items not paid for within 120 days of notification may be forfeit as payment unless other arrangements are made

  • Items not picked up within 30 days of notification may incur a storage fee

  • Seasonal storage may be available for a fee

  • Express items not picked up with one week of completion will incur a $10 fee.

washing, Water or stain repellant, and Repairs

  • Washing is considered normal wear and tear, we are not responsible for damages as a result of laundering

  • Laundering to manufacturers recommendations may not remove all stains, staining doesn't mean unclean

  • We will do our best to repair with like colors and match hardware

  • We may require an item to be washed on-site when requesting repairs or water repellant

  • If there is a question or concern about any repair please contact us

  • Express items will incur an extra fee of $7 for wash and $7 for water repel

  • Express items will not be quoted and will be billed at flat rates in increments of $25

  • When dehairing the item will be made to look uniformly clean, it isn't time based, and removes all hair as is reasonable

  • There may be additional fees for blankets that don't come clean first wash, dehairing, therapeutic or oversize items

  • Although care is taken, repellant may slightly alter the color of fabrics or impact velcro functionality

  • Repellant does not always take to the fabric, please let us know if there is concern

  • We offer more than one type of water repellent

  • We recommend washing and repelling each year to reduce staining, wear on seams, and to maintain breathability

  • We recommend keeping up with repairs to extend blanket life and repellency

  • We recommend replacement of straps that are stretched, twisted, or baling twine for the safety of your horse

Tack Cleaning and repairs

  • We take care to clean tack with color-appropriate cleaners and oils

  • We can’t guarantee darkening of leather will not occur

  • We can repair or replace hardware on nylon or leather halters, stirrup leathers, and breast plates

  • All other tack repairs will be considered on a case by case basis, we are able to provide recommendations

  • We do not currently replace zippers

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